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  • Question: 1

    During project planning, a project manager meets with several departments to organize brainstorming sessions. Which process does this describe?

    Question: 2

    A project manager is managing a transformation project that is already ill the execution phase. The team is cross-functional and has no prior experience working together. Because of this. senior management is uncertain of the team's capability to deliver this project. What should the project manager do to maximize team performance?

    Question: 3

    A project manager realizes that a new government regulation affects the current project. and to be compliant with the new law. The scope of the project should be changed. The team is now analyzing the impact on the schedule and budget Which tool or technique should the project manager have considered before this issue occurred?

    Question: 4

    A Project ‘s latest earned value (EV) report indicates that a certain task has an estimate at completion (EAC) of USS55CL000 and a budget at completion (BAC) of US$500:000 What should the project manager experience with this task?

    Question: 5

    The change control board (CCB) has just approved a change that will cause some rework, and the project team is not ill total agreement with the change. What should the project manager do?

    Question: 6

    A project manager meets with key stakeholders to set clear project expectations. What tool or technique should the project manager use?

    Question: 7

    A project manager is preparing the quality management plan for a project with deliverables that require a 25-year warranty. What should the project manager do to determine the quality level to be used?

    Question: 8

    A project has been ongoing for a year Early in the year. its schedule performance index (SP1) was 12. its most recent SP1 is 0.7. What did the project manager use to track and communicate this information?

    Question: 9

    During a project schedule validation meeting. the project sponsor requests that an important software feature be delivered one month earlier than planned The project manager suggests fast tracking the schedule. What solution corresponds with the project manager's suggestion?

    Question: 10

    A project manager is working on a project involving stakeholders in multiple geographic locations It soon becomes extremely difficult for everyone to be available for meetings at the same time. What should the project manager do to make sure the project management plan is approved?

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