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For PMP certification certain qualification and professional experience is required 8 consecutive years’ project management experience at time of submission of application. Eligibility requirements depend upon educational background. If you hold high school diploma or associate degree then minimum 5 years’ project management experience is required and 35 contact hours of formal education of project management is also required. If you hold Bachelor's degree then minimum 3 years’ project management experience is required and 35 contact hours of project management education is also required.
36 month non overlapping experience means that person should have 3 years’ unique experience in the field of project management during which a project manager has spent 4500 hours in leading and directing the project. So non overlapping means that project manager should not run 2 consecutive projects in the same timeframe for example duration of one project is from January 2020 to June 2020 and duration of second project is from April 2020 to December 2020 and the time between April to June is called overlapping time.
Candidates must complete verification section of online application form to take PMI-ACP exams. Following work experience and educational requirements are necessary for PMI-ACP certification 2000 working hours on project teams in last five years to meet the requirement of PMI-ACP exams participant should be PMP registered or PGMP registered.
1500 hours on agile project teams or with agile methodology along with 2000 work experience of general project experience is required, and this experience should be of last three years.
121 contact hours of agile education is required to take PMI-ACP exam.
Previous knowledge of agile education is required to pass PMI-ACP exam.
An individual having CAPM certification is able to perform as a valued member of project management team. It demonstrates individual’s understanding regarding project management fundamentals and commitment for both project management and skill development.
Hold a secondary degree (a high school diploma, associate degree or globally equivalent degree along with 1500 hours of working experience or 23 working hours of project management education.
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