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PMP stands for project management professional certificate which makes project managers certified project management professionals. PMP certification is offered by the Project management institute (PMI) for the preparation of the PMP exam, PMP TEACHER has introduced the PMP practice exam workbook. So in this article, we shall discuss what is PMP Practice Exam Workbook? Why this book is Important for PMP Exam? And what are the requirements for the PMP Exam?

How this PMP Practice Exam Book Help Me to Prepare the PMP Exam:

As the word practice suggests this book is meant for the practice of PMP exams. This means that this book contains practice exam questions for PMP exams. This book helps the applicants to study in a short period and study from the PMP book is the oldest way for preparation for the PMP exam. As most of the professionals are busy in other businesses so it is difficult for them for studying the whole syllabus. PMP TEACHER has resolved the solution for this problem by introducing a practice exam workbook.


Get PMP Practice Exam Workbook

This prep exam workbook presents authentic material for the preparation of the PMP exam. The PMP prep exam book deals with the selected portion of the study. PMP PREP exam book will help you in getting 100 % results. Applicants can easily grasp the PMP exam book’s study material. PMP TEACHER has chosen mostly questions from past PMP exams. So we can say that the PMP prep book has been designed according to exam trends followed by PMI for PMP exams. PMP PDF version is easily downloadable after your purchase. Besides this, PMP TEACHER also provides sample exam MCQS questions before your actual purchase. PMP book provides a 100 % money-back guarantee. If a candidate failed to qualify for his PMP exam PMP TEACHER will give a full refund. This offer is only for PMP teacher’s PREP exam books.

What are the requirements for the PMP exam?

One of the most mandatory requirements for the PMP Exam is studying 35 contact hours of PMP study. Therefore you must complete PMP training before applying for the PMP exam. This will not only help you in fulfilling the necessary condition of PMP but it will also help you in preparation for the PMP exam. The main benefit of this course that you will attempt an interactive PMP session in class. Applicants must also have 7500 hours of experience in project management if an applicant has not 7500 hours experience then he should have 4 years of project management degree beside 4500 hours of pilot project training and 35 Hours of project management training. The applicant first has to log in to the PMI website and fill the form by filling in his complete credentials. PMI also charged a fee for the PMP exam which is different for PMI members and non-PMI members although the fee for both categories is different applicants from both categories have to pay the amount.

Can I pass the PMP exam with the PMP practice exam workbook?

Candidates can qualified PMP exam by preparation from the PMP book because it covers the important syllabus. PMP PREP exam book provides the list of all the included syllabus in PMP exams. If a candidate study PMP practice exam book just before 7 days of the exam then he/she can qualify for the exam because the PMP TEACHER claims that 7 days is required to cover this book if a candidate starts preparation less than 7 days of PMP exam then PMP teacher will not take any guarantee of passing the exam.

We create the Best Book for the PMP exam.

PMP exam preparation book is the best book for PMP exam preparation because in this book PMP TEACHER have chosen exam questions which are similar to actual exams and even question from past papers have been chosen.

Is this book enough for me?

Prep exam book is enough for candidates because it has authentic and up-to-date resource material for the preparation of the PMP exam. You do not need to consult other books because the PDF version of the PMP book contains more updated information than other exam books. We can also attempt practice exam questions by practice exam simulators, through practice exam simulators we can test ourselves and can enhance our knowledge for the PMP exam. PMP exam simulators provide accurate results.

Advantages of PMP practice exam workbook:

The Prep exam book has many advantages

  1. Provide accurate authentic and up-to-date information.
  2. Deals with a selected portion of the study.
  3. Covers the whole syllabus.
  4. Easy to grasp.
  5. Available at low cost.
  6. Provide a money-back guarantee in case of failing the exam.

Want to test your knowledge with PMP Exam Test:

If you have done your preparation with our prep books, and you want to test your previous knowledge then you can take our PMP Practice Exam Test, it’s free and easy to access. With our PMP Practice Exam Test, You will test your knowledge within few minutes. If you want to enhance you’re testing, then purchase our practice exam simulators they are available at a very economical cost. To enhance your test with PMP exam simulators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PMP pass rate?

The PMP exam pass rate in 2021 is 61 % however, this rate varies from time to time.

Is PMP open book?

PMP exam is a closed book exam it means you cannot refer to any book during your exam. It’s a four hours exam no schedule breaks are allowed during these exams.

Is the PMP exam difficult?

PMP exam is a closed book exam it means you cannot refer to any book during your exam. It’s a four hours exam no schedule breaks are allowed during these exams.

Can you pass the PMP in 30 days?

Yes, you can pass the PMP exam in 30 days it's very easy, but if you have the option to study for more than 30 days then avail yourself that option it will give you more time of preparation and you will be able to improve your exam attempting skills and you will perform better in your PMP exams.

What are the criteria for the PMP exam??

For PMP certification certain qualification and professional experience is required 8 consecutive year’s project management experience at the time of submission of application. Eligibility requirements depend upon educational background. If you hold a high school diploma or associate degree then a minimum of 5 years of project management experience is required and 35 contact hours of formal education in project management is also required. 2if you hold Bachelor's degree then a minimum of 3 years of project management experience is required. And 35 contact hours of project management education is also required.

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