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  • Question: 1

    Which is the appropriate tool to identify the possible correction between two elements in a process?

    Question: 2

    What is one of the main purposes of the project charter?

    Question: 3

    Two members of the team are having a conflict. The project decides that, in this case, the best solution is to bring some degree of satisfaction to all parties in order to temporarily or partially resolve the problem. Which technique should the project manager use?

    Question: 4

    A project manager is working on project cost management. The following information is current: • Planned value= 30 • Actual cost= 35 • Earned value= 28 Considering this data, which project indicator is correct?

    Question: 5

    What should a project manager do to prepare a risk management plan in a project with a lot of technical uncertainty?

    Question: 6

    Which of the following condition should the project manager consider when working on the scheduling for an adaptive environment?

    Question: 7

    A project using the agile/adaptive approach has reached the project integration management phase. What is the project manager’s key responsibility during the phase?

    Question: 8

    Which of the following list represent the outputs of the Monitor Communications Process?

    Question: 9

    Company A’s accountant sends notification about a change in the company’s tax classification. Why would a project have to be installed?

    Question: 10

    What is an example of an emerging trend in procurement management?

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