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  • Question: 1

    A Scum Master would like to provide information to key stakeholders on The daily resource and project activities. Which tool should the Scrum Master use to provide these updates?

    Question: 2

    A Project team identifies a number of technical challenges with features in the next sprint. What should they do?

    Question: 3

    A company is moving into a new space and is determining Ina best configuration for offices. The management Team is also considering moving to an agile process. What advice should an agilest give?

    Question: 4

    At the retrospective, the burndown chart shows that the project is slightly behind schedule. The project team identifies an inexperienced software engineer as the source of reduced velocity. How should the project learn address this issue’?

    Question: 5

    As user stories are developed, what should be done to record and update acceptance criteria?

    Question: 6

    While struggling to take ownership of delivery. an agile team fails to keep up with its sprint commitments. What should the agile coach do?

    Question: 7

    An agile practitioner becomes e Scrum Master on an established Scrum team. After introductions, whet should tin agile practitioner do?

    Question: 8

    While reviewing the sprint burn down during a stand up, the scrum team identifies that they have fallen behind. Upon further discussion, they discover that some quality assurance (QA) team members were unable to use the new automation framework, which caused a bottleneck. What should the scrum team do?

    Question: 9

    A new CIO advocates an agile framework for new IT Projects, but the team has reservations. How should the CIO ensure that the team will be aligned with this?

    Question: 10

    A Product’s scope and acceptance criteria have been defined, and the product is planned for release at the end of the next quarter. What should the project team do next?

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